rhizomatic NETWORKin collaboration with Mauro Zannoli &
кот Джеральд

A tapestry of loops, cast upon a dome, forging a body of feedback and lucent echoes into a perpetual cluster of obscurity.

The network operates on the principle of dynamic interdependance between a sonic and a visual feedback system. Both systems move within defined frameworks but have the potential to generate random results, highlighting the emergence of complexity from basic interactions. A glass sheet serves as a resonant body for the two microphone components interconnected with transducers, with the collected sound waves passing through digital processing, alongside serving as a canvas for the camera capturing the light emitted by LED panels. 

The composition aims to illuminate the delicate balance and feedback loops that exist in natural and synthetic systems, allowing viewers to witness the interplay between micro and macro perspectives. Within this controlled yet dynamic environment, the components intertwine, the seamless fusion of light and sound reveal a delicate interaction between individual parts and the overarching system. 

Rhizomatic Networks was conceived in collaboration with Mauro Zannoli and showcased at "Portale" - a joint project with Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the UdK and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, showcased at ZEISS Planetarium in Berlin in December 2023.

"A machine may be defined as a system of interruptions... They operate along lines that vary according to whichever aspect of them we are considering...Every machine functions as a break in the flow in relation to the machine to which it is connected, but at the same time is also a flow itself, or the production of a flow"
—Deleuze & Guattari, Anti-Oedipus