SOUNDS OF THINGS that can no longer be 2022-2023 In collaboration with 
Malu Serafim & Victor Burton

If you had the power to change a sonic memory in your mind—whether to insert, erase, or replace it—which memory would you choose?

The project consists of an imaginary machine that synthesizes sonic memories of the past, present and future. With the help of artificial  intelligence, the machine uses non invasive technology to interface with the human brain directly, thus gaining access to the sounds of their past. In turn, the reciprocal process synthesizes those sonic memories and plays them back for the user to [re]experience.

In the realm of the memories, fiction and reality are intertwined into a single experience. Similarly, the installation consists of two correlated layers : the seemingly real and the imaginary. The listener can simultaneously hear the archive of memories and the corresponding fictional proposition by the machine. This project reflects this duality, being equally a field-study research and a poetic reflection on the topic of sonic remembrance.

The sonic archive of memories grows out of a network of personal relationships. Visitors are invited on site to share a memory of their own, contributing by feeding new input to the expanding archive.

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