sonic glove  WEARABLE INSTRUMENT 2019

In collaboration with Richard Sun

Sonic glove is an interactive audiovisual project, realized as part of a programming course and showcased within the scope of  Sopa Summer Festival 2020 @ Hochschule der populären Künste, Berlin in the category audio design.

Inspired by the commercial product “Mi.Mu. glove”, the project aimed to create an affordable tool which enables the manipulation of musical parameters through movement of the hand. In a nutshell, it is a wearable DIY instrument for music and sound composition and improvisation within Max MSP and the Ableton environment. The gloves components consist of an wifi capable Arduino board with integrated roll and pitch sensors, and 4 additional flex sensors on the fingers, for additional parameter control. 

The audiovisual gesture performance “Bonnies Train”was realised as part of a programming project “Sonic Glove”, in order to showcase some of the functionalities and applications of the glove in a performative live scenario. As an extension of the body, the glove enables an intuitive and expressive artistic interaction that goes beyond the sonic realm. 

Richard Sun: programming/narrator/graphic design
Safak Avci: video producer/camera
Moana Holenstein: programming/composition/concept/performance