cohesion in water 2019

Cohesion-The tendency of molecules of the same chemical constitution to be attracted to one another.

Considering the current path of humanity as a species on this planet, a compelling urgency emerges to pay attention to the functional unity we constitute with other life on this earth. 

This perspective emphasizes the criticality of preserving the delicate equilibrium and stability that sustains all existence. Biological components, each consisting of the same chemical parts to form organisms, congregating communities, shaping ecosystems which come together to create the world as we know it. A natural artifact that grows from the void of space, embodying perpetualever change but yet remaining together as one.

noise GENERATOR/2020
Based on nature’s most basic building blocks, the elements, the generator enables the creation and automation of naturally progressing soundscapes,
using synthetically generated noise.

 noise synth/2021-2022
As an extension of the natural noise generator, the synth prototype uses filtering to extract pitches from the  soundscapes. The generative noise provides an optimal input signal to create organic sonic textures as a basis for harmonic content.

wind MACHINE/2018Inspired by the Aeliophone, the Wind Machine built in Reaktor provides 2 simple parameter controls, rate and intensity. 

“Indeed, to stubbornly conditioned ears, anything new in music has always been called noise.
But after all what is music but organized noises?”

(Varèse, The Liberation of Sound)